February 08, 2011

phone on vacation

it's tuesday again! 

do you know what this means... 

another edition of, What's on my phone! {hosted by the hussy}

Let me prewarn you- I have a lot of pictures on my phone this week.  We went to New York, and when I don't feel like pulling my huge camera out, I take pictures on my phone.  

For real, there are a lot. 
Starting out, we were at the airport Saturday morning before the sun came up! 

Yes, it was early! But it made for some really pretty scenery!
This one is when we first got onto the plane.  

Trying to get my husband to calm down, 
He hates flying.

Once we got up in the air, oh my goodness, there were some BEAUTIFUL views! 

My first views of the city! 

This was really neat- 

I wish I would have pulled out my nice camera for some of these pictures.  

How stinkin pretty is this sky?

 Here are pictures from Michael and I hanging out at the NBC studios. 

We split a yummy rootbeer float at the Stardust Cafe'! 

Yes, it is January in New York, but with all those layers you wear
not only do you look fat
but you burn up in every store you go into. 

This is another shot from the StarDust Cafe.  

Such a funny name.  

We joked all of our single girl friends there to order it! :)

The BIG piano at FAO Schwartz. 

This is from when I met Justin Beiber.  

And turned into a JB stalker ;)

We also went to the pub that How I Met Your Mother was inspired off of. {we love that show}

This is my one picture there.  

I'm always to embarrassed to pull out my camera at places like this ;)

Had dinner in Little Italy... 
Best. Food. Ever. 

Saw lots of local attractions...

Was on the Late Show with David Letterman

... and Justin Beiber...
I'm really not a stalker. I promise!

New York Cheesecake- YES please!! :)

A beautiful and snowy Central Park!

Our view from our hotel room! So pretty!

So that's it- it's ALL from New York! 

If you want to see an overview on our entire trip, go here first.  

Then here

See how I met Justin Beiber here

and the last days here.


Jess said...

Wow! Great pics! I really REALLY love the last one! I have always wanted to see NYC... just hope I get there one day :)

Consider The Lilies said...

Just from these pictures I'm SO jealous of your NYC trip. Seems like you guys had so much fun.
I need me a piece of that cheesecake ;)

thanks for your input on my privacy post, I love getting other people's opinions!

Valinda said...

What a fun trip!! Central park looks beautiful.

The WholeFamDamily said...

oh my goodness, I SO want to go to New York, if nothing else then for that cheesecake, hahaha! and the crunchy chicken fingers, i'd put a ring on it!! ;)
how fun for you and your hubby to take such a neat-o trip!
and i'm glad you can view my blog from work again, hahaha!

HunDuddle Hussy said...

i'm sorry. i didn't see or hear anything u said except for the fact that u met justin bieber? my boyfriend? uhmmm. hello? i hate you now.