February 07, 2011

new york {sunday!}

Sunday morning, we slept in a little, had some yummy pastries for breakfast and some down time before lunch.  Michael and I goofed off and tried to get some pictures of the empire state building behind us...

 So, you can't see any of the buildings out of the window behind us, but our little photoshoot was a lot of fun! :)

Once everyone got ready, we headed out to lunch at the Stardust Cafe'.  The servers sing and perform while you eat. 

Rootbeer float! {taken on my phone}

 Michael and I then walked around some, we checked out the NBC studios, and the Fox News Studios.  

Our evening consisted of a lot of food! yummm.  :)
We went to McGee's Pub, which is the Bar that How I Met your Mother is based from.  We watched football, and hung out.  It was perfect.  {Randa, I want pictures from here that you took! ;)} 

McGee's Pub.  The only picture there I got :(
 We met up with the rest of the group later that night and went to Roxy's in Times Square for some yummy Cheesecake! 

Jenn, Randa, and Heather

Michael and I split a piece

Again, another awesome day in New York!

Miranda and Michael :)

Times Square!

Waiting for the subway

Loved these tiles!

Here's the view from our hotel room! 

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