February 07, 2011

these lights will inspire you {Saturday}

We had so much fun in New York this last weekend.  

We are both still recovering from the trip- and thrilled that it is the weekend already! Anytime we take a vacation, it's got to cut into the beginning of a week! Makes the rest of the week FLY by!

We started out by driving down to Raleigh, NC Friday evening for our flight early Saturday Morning.  And it was early.  Especially when you have those butterflies and can't sleep very well because you are so nervous/excited/tired. 

We arrived at the airport early Saturday morning.  I think my alarm was set for 4am or some ridiculous time of day. 

Heather, Miranda, and Michael

{Michael is not a flyer- he would much rather drive than fly.  Poor guy was nervous- but he did really really well on the flights!}

When we arrived in New York, a shuttle van picked us up and took us over to our hotel. 

All loaded up in the Van.  {taken on my phone}
We walked from our hotel for a bit, making a few very important stops.  First, Macys :)

Then, pizza! My very first slice of New York Pizza! It was super yummy.  I had a slice of chicken and peperoni!

There were SO many choices!

We continued to walk down to Times Square, where we went into a few of the shops, Toys R Us, Starbucks, etc. 

Miranda and Cindy at the Barbie Dream house in Toys R Us

New York mugs from Starbucks

Me, Heather, Jenn, Cookie Monster, Miranda, and Cindy
The weather the first day was pretty mild.  It wasn't too cold, so it was nice, we were able to walk around and not be looking for the closest place to duck into.  We continued walking down to Central Park, the Apple Store, FAO Schwartz. 

Snowy Central Park
 We made a few other stops along the way.  This church was so pretty!

Once 3:00pm hit, {check in time!} we went back to the hotel for some down time and a nap.  Being up since 4am, we were exhausted.

Elevator up to our hotel rooms
Times Square at night was SO pretty! It was so lit up- you couldn't tell it was night!

For dinner, we went out to Little Italy for the.most.amazing.italian.food.ever.
I had homemade Ravioli and Michael had Fettucini Alfredo.  Just thinking about it.  Yummm. I would go back to New York, just for this food! ;)

Jenn, Clif, and Heather

Me and Miranda
Our first day was packed with fun activities.  It was a great first first day in new york! :D

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