February 07, 2011

Beiber Fever

Monday, Miranda and I lost our minds.  

Well, we weren't thinking properly.  

We decided late Sunday night that we were going to get up and go to the Today show.  

It was early.  

and cold. 

Really really cold. 

We were pretty sure {esp after watching the show the week prior} that there wouldn't be a ton of people there, becuase it was in fact, so cold! ;) 
Well, we were a little wrong...

Turns out there were a lot of people there.  

Mostly pre-teen girls.  

Because there was a certain boy pop-star on the show....

That's right! The Beibs was on the Today Show!! 

He was super nice, came outside in the 20 degree weather, and met everyone that was there to see him. 

I'm totally a JB fan now ;) 

He's so cute. {Is this creepy for me to say?}

We got to meet Al and see the other anchors. 

We left a little after 8am.  It was so cold, I couldn't feel my toes and my eyes were watering the entire time.  

It. was. so. worth. it. 

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