February 07, 2011

new york {{monday and tuesday}}

Monday started off with an awesome trip to the Today Show.  We then had tickets to the Late Night Show with David Letterman.  Unfortunately, they wouldn't let you take any pictures in the show.  I did get this one in line though...

And guess who the guest was... I'll give you one guess.  Make sure to check out all the pre-teenie girls and paparazzi below...

Did you guess Justin Beiber? If so... yes you are right.  Yup- two times in one day I got to hang out {and by hang out, I mean meet once, and then watch at a distance} JB. 

Our show aired Monday, January 31st, and sadly, I don't think we made it on tv. :( It is quite an experience- and they make you fake laugh the whole time.  It was a little tiring.  Or maybe we were tired from getting up suuuper early for the Today Show.  Who knows.  

We decided to refuel.  And we did that here: 

A Bake Shop! :) I got a peanut butter cup, and Michael got a light blue snowy one. And a huge glass of milke.  They were SO good. 
That one to the very left, yes that amazing one, was my choice! yummmm!

Miranda got Red Velvet.  Equally yummy!

Heather, Miranda, and me with our cupcakes
 Sadly, that is all of the pictures I got on Monday.  The Today Show, the Letterman Show, and Cupcakes.  Then, the rest of the group went to see Phantom, and Michael and I went to a nice steak dinner, and back to McGee's pub.  It snowed this night too! 

Which then led to our problems the next morning...

All Southwest flights out of New York were canceled.  awesome. 

We ended up having to call around, renting a 15 passenger van, driving to Baltimore and reaching our connecting flight there to Raleigh.  Then driving the 2 hours back up to Lynchburg.  Quite the adventure. 

Randa and Jonathan on the shuttle bus to the rental offices

Michael, Randa, Heather, and Jenn and ALL of our luggage

The boys sorting out the rental car issues.
Our trip ended up costing us a ton more than expected, but it was a lot of fun! :) 

Have you ever been to New York? 

Has your flight ever been canceled? 

These were both firsts for me!

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