October 11, 2011

brunch and a baby shower

Early October we made the drive to Virginia Beach for the last time before the baby gets here.  My Mom and some of her friends threw us a brunch baby shower while we were there! So much fun!

First off, the food we had was AMAZING.  They had a huge variety of drinks, breakfast dishes, fruit, and desserts.  Yum!! 

Love this chocolate/coffee punch.  Best stuff ever. 

Adorable pink cake balls! 

The dessert spread! Cake balls, cookies, and oreo truffles.  

The food table! Muffins and bagels from panera, and amazing breakfast casseroles.  Sausage, French toast, and a pineapple one! I want to make these all right now!

Of course someone got a picture of me digging in! ;)

Opening presents was so much fun- as usual!

Love this newborn size tutu! Can't wait for Emmie to wear it!

My Aunt, Angie- all the way from Arkansas sent the most adorable outfits!  The tights on the dress have pink shoes on them!

An adorable pink fuzzy coat! Love this!

My grandma got us LOTS and LOTS of diapers! What a huge blessing!

Love this dress from H&M! Can't wait to make a trip in there when we are home next! 

Auntie bibs

And my parents bought Emmie her crib!

My Mom bought Michael this bib- with threats of taking it back when he made fun of her ;)

And of course, some family pictures:

Me and my Mom :)

 Me, my Mom, and my Dad

Me and Michael with my parents

Michael's sister, Amber won every single game!

The baby bump at 35 weeks

Me and Michael

Lots of pictures- thanks to my Mom and Michael's sister Amber.  Such a fun shower- and we were so blessed with receiving our crib, pack n play, clothes, toys, diapers, all sorts of baby essentials!

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