October 03, 2011


 There's so much with getting ready for baby! And here we are at 34 weeks {yikes!} and I'm starting to freak out a bit.  The nursery is painted- and clothes are organized in bins by age! The newborn and 0-3 month clothes are hanging in the closet! I've bought a dresser, but it needs to be painted.  We've mostly got all of the office out of the room and merged into the guest room! It's really exciting, but we are really feeling the pressure to get everything done soon!

One thing I've been spending a ton of time researching is a diaper bag! I really don't want a baby-ish looking bag, and so many of my friends are so frustrated at how quickly their bags fell apart.  Here are a few of my favorites...

This look is probably my favorite. It's like a gray/blueish color that will match our travel system well.  This is from Timi & Leslie, who do a great job of keeping the bag not looking like a baby bag.

It also comes with some great stuff inside as well!  This particular bag comes with a changing pad, a bottle holder, a wet bag, stroller straps- and a little clutch to keep my personal things that I can grab when I drop her off at day care or at the nursery!

Here's another one from Timi & Leslie.  Same thing, super cute, and not a typical look for a diaper bag.

This one comes with lots of goodies inside too {changing pad, wet bag, bottle holder, stroller straps, shoulder straps, and Mom's clutch}

This one is super cute too. I like the pink in it, but not sure if it will look too little kid-ish: The pink and browns will match our travel system really well though!

Lots to think about- and a few more on the radar.  We are going to the Prime Outlets this weekend, so I will be looking around there- and then will make my final decision :)

Any suggestions? Moms- anything I'm not thinking about when checking out diaper bags- or a favorite bag of yours?


Ellie said...

I love all these ashley! They are awesome.... remind me of this brand if and when i have baby..:) It will be a while, but man i would love one of these!! I think the blue is amazing! The black however is more practical, and goes with everything!!!! They all are precious though~~ :) 6 weeks and counting!

Crystaldawson4 said...

i would not consider having a bag that did not have stroller straps b/c it makes life SO much easier when you have to dig something out of the bag, also consider something big enough to fit a small cooler in it for when baby gets bigger and you need to tote around food/snacks not just bottles. I have alos found that i really like having a backpack handy for when i take the little girl out on my own b/c i don't have to worry about balancing something on my shoulder and holding on the the squirimy wormy! More then likely you will not find one bag that fits all your needs and you will end up with a few bags tha ttyou use for different outings. the best thing i have found was a walatet that i could hook my keys to, slide my cell phone in and keep my chapstick stored in side so that what i needed was easliy found and kept together b/c im pretty sure i have npot carried a purse since she was born as i almost always have a diaper bag with me