October 18, 2011

nursery happenings

We've been a little behind on getting things ready for the nursery.  It was and still is totally stressing me out! {and yes- I know that we can finish it after she comes if we need to- but I am still stressed out!}

This weekend my parents came into town- my Dad and Michael worked all weekend installing a dishwasher! {I'll be posting more about that once the electricity gets hooked up and the thing changes my life!}

My Mom and I went shopping all day on Saturday and picked up a bunch of fun things for the nursery! I thought I would do a little update for all of you that have been asking!

Here's the crib bumper we bought {the pink is MUCH brighter than this picture shows}:
Some of the crib sheets we've gotten {I've been told you can't get enough of these}:

Then, this weekend, we found this fabric for the curtains:

The stripes will be for the windows, and the floral fabric is replacing the closet doors!

Here's everything together! 

I've still got to finish up the curtains before posting that picture- but I'm loving the way it's all coming together! :)


Unknown said...

LOVE the fabric choices. The draperies are going to be gorgeous!!!

Teresa Madsen said...


I LOVE the colors! Blessings to you as you get ready to celebrate with your precious little girl.