December 09, 2009

The rest of our family...

I haven't properly introduced the rest of our family! We have 2 puppies, most of the time are adorable, but sometimes they are trouble makers! Latte (our toy poodle) likes to snuggle, and that's really about it. Linus (the big dog, we don't really know what he is exactly) has to be in the middle of everything and is very playful. They are best friends, and when they cause trouble, they do it together. Here's some pictures of our furry side of the family:

Latte' is in desperate need of a haircut. Mike was trying to get her to take a picture, but I was working on the tree so she had to stare at me to make sure i didn't disappear (one of her worst fears) The whole night she laid on the couch watching us, I just know she was thinking we had lost our minds, again.

Mike got Linus to sit still for this picture. Linus is a handful for sure, I will have to share some of the many stories! He's become a really great dog, and he loves to snuggle up too. He thinks he's the same size as Latte' and tries to sit on our laps, climb on the couches, and of course snuggle up on the bed. Doesn't he look innocent here!
While Michael was trying to get the lights on the tree, Linus had to come up and see what was going on. He kept walking all over the lights and standing really close to the tree! We finally got him to lay down. Michael took a break from stringing the lights into the tree to take a picture!

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