January 21, 2013

weekend fun

ahh, Monday. why do you always show up when you aren't wanted!?

we had such a great weekend.  saturday, I put together our new dining room set and it's a much needed improvement.  our old dining room table was awesome- i loved it- but it didn't have chairs that matched and I couldn't bring myself to pay fifty plus dollars for each chair! what can i say, i'm a little cheap when it comes to things like this.  the other problem was it was a little bigger than it should have been for our dining room.  we were constantly bumping into it and having to walk around it.  it worked for our first 3 years in our house, but it was time for a change.  our parents both went in together and bought us this for Christmas.  It took me foreeeever to set up but I really love it! It makes the dining room look a lot bigger- always a good thing.  i'll get pictures of it soon- once i pick up in there! yikes!

Em LOVES reading! She's always pulling out her books and asking us to read! 

Sunday afternoon we had a massive pile of laundry to put up.  it was probably like 8 loads that have all been folded, but I haaaate putting clothes away! While we were putting clothes away, Emmie was running around without clothes (ha) and having so much fun with Linus!

best friends forever! 

my accessories loving girl! 

oh linus makes a great chair too! 

sunday afternoon we went out shopping and drug Emmie along with us! She is such a sport on these days! we went to Children's place to look for a Snow Suit and ended up finding a ton of great deals! There were fleece pajamas for $2.99! I ended up buying like 10 sets! Michael kept Emmie entertained by trying on earmuffs, sunglasses and coats.  She was loving it! And it kept her in a good mood so I could shop! (Just pushing her nap back like an hour...oops!)

 We made it up to her by letting her get some frozen yogurt! Emmie was such a fan!!

Weekends call for cozy, warm outfits like this long oversized sweater and leggings!

Then, Sunday night, I was able to leave Emmie home with Michael and go out for a girls night with Miranda and Heather- two of my dear friends from college! I'm so lucky they both still live here in Lynchburg! :) We went to Robin Alexanders and I got an amazing Turkey burger with avocado, and feta cheese- oh my goodness- so yummy! Martini's and Salted Caramel Brownies were also part of our girls night! I think I am STILL full- but oh so worth it!

So good to have friends and time away from my responsibilities!

What did you do this weekend?

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Dear Finnlee said...

I hate putting away laundry, too!! But I adore Emmie's hair in that little ponytail!