January 20, 2013

our little pumpkin turns one

(okay i really did start this forever ago! ahhhh it's like 2 months late now! better late than never, if you ask me!)

I can't believe my baby is already a year old.  I know everyone says it but goodness gracious- time is FLYING by.  I held it together pretty well leading up to her birthday, even through her party, just excited about what will come as each age is so much fun.  I love her so much at this age.  Her personality is really starting to come through- she is learning how to communicate- her favorite sign is milk- she does it ALL the time.  She's walking almost everywhere now, and really becoming interactive and independent with her toys. She has the sweetest voice ever, and can now say: Dada, Dog, Uh-Oh, More, Ma-ma {but prefers to call me Ga-Ga}, Tree, mmmmm, boy-ya {a Daddy word} and all sorts of other babbling and even whispering sometimes.  She is a little tornado- getting into everything! Man has life changed in this year- but I wouldn't take it back- ever- even on the worst of days.

I had such a blast preparing her little party! We did 'our little pumpkin' theme and invited some of our closest friends to celebrate a year with our sweet little girl.  We had some delicious 'fall' themed food- potato soup, buffalo chicken dip, cherry delight, and of course cupcakes.

We should all know by this point that I love taking pictures!
This was a great way to remember some of my favorite pictures! 

Some fun decorations! It was such an easy theme- lots of fall decorations were on sale! 

Lots of yummy snacks and cupcakes! We also served potato soup- perfect for a fall themed party! 

More pictures! Emmie loved walking over to the pantry and seeing all her pictures! 

She loved opening presents and was actually interested in every single gift she opened.  She got some amazing toys and some much needed clothes! A tea set from her Aunt Miranda, a new baby doll from John, Monique & Zoey, some legos, etc.  I'm so excited for her to start playing with her new toys!

giving her new baby kisses! 

Zoey and Emmie playing with her new toys! 
Emmie was hilarious with the cake- she would only put one finger in at a time and then would lick it off- and repeat.  There was no mess to clean up- at all.  Guess you are like your Momma and don't like cake! ;)

We have been so blessed by our friends around here that have really turned into family! Michael makes fun of me for calling a lot of our friends "aunt so and so" or "uncle..." but it really is true.  Our kids are growing up together like cousins and just have a blast with each other.  I love it!

Baby girl,

Goodness what a whirlwind of a year it has been! It seems like just yesterday we were in the hospital meeting you and hugging you and kissing all over you for the very first time.

Yesterday at the grocery store- you stole my coffee cup right out of my hands and took a huge gulp of coffee.  Luckily, it wasn't hot anymore, but I was expecting you to hate it.  Instead, you kept saying 'mmmmmm" and making the sign for more.  You are constantly making me laugh.

You are our little tornado.  Into EVERYTHING.  I am constantly following you around and picking up after you! I love it that you are toddling around everywhere now, even if it means more work for me.  As sad as I am that you are growing up, I am just so excited to see what you are like as you get older! I imagine us snuggled up together watching Disney Princess movies, playing dress up, having tea parties- and you helping me do some baking by standing on a chair and stirring.  It's so exciting to think about what's in store for you! You have the whole world in front of you little one!

Thank you so much for making me a Mommy! I have never felt fully fulfilled until you came around! It has truly been the best year having you around!

I love you so much little one! Continue to grow and learn, maybe just slow it down a little, okay?!

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Dear Finnlee said...

I love this so much. The glimpses on IG don't compare to this beautiful post. Wonderfully captured, two months late and all (which in the big picture will seem like nothing). You made me tear up with your letter to Emmie. So sweet!