January 19, 2013

to my dear little one...

oh boy little girl.  it's a good thing you are so cute!

i know i usually use this space to write all about the fun things we have going on. it's a great way for me to keep everything in order as I'm working on your project life book (aka something I'm always behind on!) but tonight I'm going to post about what a pill you have been lately.  Now, don't get me wrong- you are still amazingly awesome, and you make me laugh SO much- even on your worst days- but girlfriend- you are strong willed! I mean you are only 14 months old (seriously- WHEN did that happen!?) and you are throwing the worst tantrums ever.

You despise being told 'NO.' In fact, almost every time I tell you no on something, you hit whatever I just told you not to touch! Sometimes, it's difficult not to burst at laughing at your little outburst of anger, but what am I going to do with you?! I thought we dealt with this in the 'terrible twos' not when you are 14 months old!! Man, oh man, it is exhausting though.

It has to be so difficult to know exactly what you want in your head, but not be able to express it.  You know how to sign, and will sign a lot of things! Mostly, you ask to eat, drink/milk, be all done, take a bath, help (which you'll sign please for), and read.  But these days, you would rather whine and hold your arms in the air than do the sign!

I'm just exhausted and not really sure where to go from here.  I put out a 'help me' call on instagram last night and got some great advice from some other Mommas who have been there.  I've ordered a few books on toddlerhood that will get here next week.  And, I feel better just getting it out there.

Sometimes it's hard to remember the fun things you did today when you have been throwing a fit for the littlest things! But to prove, it's not all hitting and screaming...

After playing in the snow, you went and got your baby doll and wrapped her up in a winter coat.  You carried that thing around with you all afternoon! Anytime the baby would fall out of it you would bring her back over to me to wrap up for you! I love seeing you love and kiss on your baby- exactly how I love and kiss on you!

It's so fun when you try new special treats. This morning I made some French Toast and let you have some. Daddy snuck you some powdered sugar when I wasn't looking! You loved it and kept asking for more and making the  "mmmmm" sound with every bite!

This afternoon we put together our new dining room table.  Being on a budget means you have to put together your own furniture ;) I was putting together our chairs when you woke up from your nap.  You watched me put a screw in the space and screw it in. Next thing I know, you are picking up a screw, putting it in place and then putting the screwdriver in the hole and twisting it! I couldn't believe that you picked all that up just from watching me do it once! It may have taken me a lot longer to put these together, but I sure loved the help! :)

And after your bath (which you love by the way) I let you run around naked in your room.  You go crazy when you are free! You kept pushing the buttons on all of your toys to play music and then you would dance around the room. One of your newest tricks is to spin around in circles.  It only takes you about 3 spins before you are so dizzy you fall down.  It's so stinking cute to see you do that and then die laughing!

and will you look at that.  I've successfully changed my mood by remembering all the fun and hilarious things you did today.  I am just so thankful for you- even on bad days!

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Dear Finnlee said...

I just said the same to Finnlee, about not being in her terrible two's yet! Her favorite word lately is "No." They sure do make up for it with all of their cute antics though. Love the post-bath freedom. It's a shame we have to grow out of such pure, unadulterated joy!