January 18, 2013

Christmas Cheer

I finally took some time to upload our pictures from our amazing Christmas at home! I absolutely loved these ones I snapped of Emmie in her fancy dress in front of our tree! She was such a trooper- it was past her nap time but did great!


Unplugged Mom said...

Oh my gosh, Ashley! These pictures are perfect! Emmie is the cutest thing in her Christmas dress. I love the family shots, too. Did you use your self timer? I can't get over how many teeth Emmie has! She's putting us to shame. Ha ha!

Ashley Eiban said...

Thanks so much! I have a remote that I use for our family pictures. It is perfect because I taught Emmie how to press the button, which makes her want to look at the camera to see her work in action! :) And I can't believe how many teeth she has either! It's INSANE!