January 18, 2013

Snow Day!

I was so excited when they started calling for snow in our local forecast! A little skeptical, but hopeful! We've been getting rain for the entire past week so we were really ready to get out of the house!

It started snowing yesterday about 5:30pm and started sticking immediately!  We bundled up last night for some fun in it! It was really, really cold so we didn't last long.  Poor Emmie doesn't have any snow gear! Which is something we are for sure going to change for next year!

Snow is so special to me, I think because we don't get it all the time. And when we do, it's usually gone in a few days.  As a kid we would bundle up and make a snowman and play and play until our noses were bright red and we'd come inside for some amazing hot chocolate!

Mom, why do I have all this stuff on!? 

Goodness! I love the look of snowy trees! 

Emmie having fun with Daddy!  

Once we came inside Emmie kept staring at the door and saying 'dog' and watching Linus run around in the snow! 
Michael got a snow delay so we were able to enjoy some yummy French Toast this morning and then head back out in the snow! It's melting fast and not quite as cold.  I'll be sad to see it go!

All bundled up and ready to go outside! 

Mom, enough pictures! Let me go explore! 

Nevermind, I really don't want to be in this stuff! 

She refused to take her hands off Daddy! 

Momma, what are these crazy things you put on my hands!? 

Love how curious she is! She was looking around everywhere! Especially following Linus! 

Looking at the tree! She still refused to touch it! 

Trying to get her to walk in it with me.  She was having none of it! 

Twirling! So fun! 

haha she's miserable unless I am holding her! 

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Dear Finnlee said...

I'm obsessing over your snow pictures. Obsessing! You and Emmie look so cute in your hats and boots. She looks so much like you. I love that she was so hesitant int the snow. Don't you wonder what is going through her head?! And the biting of the gloves? Classic stuff. So glad you girls got to enjoy some snow this winter!!