January 17, 2013

a fresh start

Phew, we survived the holidays! Now I just have to survive getting through all the pictures I took and get those posted!

Things are finally slowing down a little bit and we are settling into a new routine with having Nate here 3 days a week.  I've got the kids on a strict schedule, trying to get them on matching nap times, so I can have a little bit of time to myself (which really means, time to clean up the house and start cooking dinner).

Being home and not working has just been the biggest blessing for me.  When I was working there was a constant level of high stress.  Rushing out the door every morning, running into work, late almost every morning.  Sitting at work thinking about everything I needed to get done- grocery shopping, diaper laundry, doctors appointments, cleaning the house, I mean the list was always endless.  After work I'd rush to daycare to pick Emmie up and then home to cook dinner, pick up a little, try to squeeze time in to play with Emmie, get her down for bed, and then time to do it all over again.  The weekends were always spent grocery shopping and running other errands to get ready for the week.  It was overwhelming. I was so unhappy.  Now, I don't want to make it seem like now that I'm home I have all the time in the world, because I don't.  We still have errands to run, and Emmie is into EVERYTHING these days- so there is constantly a mess.  But now, I don't feel guilty for taking "me" time every once and a while.  I have time during naps to clean up, and making dinner at home doesn't stress me out to no end.  Our days are super busy, but it's a no-stress busy.  Cooking snacks at a wooden kitchen, reading books, and snuggling with lovies.

This is turning out to be quite a random post, but after not posting for so long, I guess I just have a lot to cover ;)  My goal is to start posting more frequently on this blog.  Not just large events, but the everyday ones too.  The little things that we so easily forget over time- this is a great outlet to write those things down to remember them in the years to come!

Well, nap time is quickly coming to an end.  And because no post is worth it without pictures, here's some of our morning :)

Emmie loves her Baby Lit books! She always chooses Romeo & Juliet or Pride & Prejudice to read! 

We are expecting some snow storms this evening and tomorrow! I was trying to prepare Emmie by reading her some books about snow and winter! Hope it helps and it actually snows! :) 

We got a birthday coming up for a special JiJi! I love letting Emmie sign the cards! 


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Unplugged Mom said...

The Mom's BFF shirt is sooo great! I love those books, too. I had them on the Christmas list this year and it just didn't happen. I need to buy them, and I'm really glad to hear Emmie enjoys them (I thought it might just be me). I'm so glad you're enjoying being home. I know Emmie loves the time with you. It's great to see your blog. Can't wait to read more! ~Naomi