January 21, 2013

Self Feeding

Self feeding is pretty dang awesome. And messy. It goes hand in hand. Momma gains a few extra minutes to finish cooking, or maybe even get a few bites of a warm dinner (never happens anymore!!) but self feeing means whatever babes is eating gets aaaaaaaallllll over them! Which means, baby always gets a bath! (Just like spaghetti night... It never fails!)

Emmie loves feeing herself! She's so independent and learning so much everyday that when I let her do something "big girl style" she's all over it! Last week Emmie ate yogurt all by herself and she loved every.single.second of it! She also to about half of it down her stomach, but for these smiles... Totally worth it!


Van Wynsberg said...

Haha, I love how babies just love life even with food all over them. So carefree! ;)

Dear Finnlee said...

Such a familiar sight! I love how happy she is with yogurt dribbling down her chest.