January 24, 2013


Momma has to get ready in the mornings.  I always feel so much better about my day when I have my contacts in and my makeup on. (funny how that makes me more productive!)  Emmie is now getting into everything, so I've started putting her on the counter while I do my make up! She LOVES it and can't destroy too many things while she's stuck up there! (please don't talk to me about safety.  of course I'm watching her the ENTIRE time!) 

She wants to hold my brushes, my lipstick, shampoo- you name it, she wants to be involved! 

I think we're going to be in troooouble in just a few years! ;) 

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Dear Finnlee said...

These are too cute for words! I love how happy she is about getting to use the makeup brushes. Also, you are waaay better about updating your blog regularly. I need to take lessons from you. Do you update from your phone?