January 24, 2013

read, please?

Our little stinker LOVES to read.  I mean, it's a bit ridiculous! She is constantly pulling out a book coming over to me to read it for her.   Her favorite books these days are "goodnight moon" "pride and prejudice (the baby lit version) and "peeka who".  I try to sneak a few extra books in the rotation, but she always goes back to her favorites.  What can I say, girlfriend knows what she likes.  


miranda said...

keep reading, emmie! it's good for you!

Dear Finnlee said...

Sweet little reader. I love her face when you're reading to her. So engaged! Finn loves books, and spends all day going through them and handing them to me, but she rarely has the patience to let me read one all the way through, so I'm jealous of that.