January 25, 2013

we made it!

yay you guys! we made it to the weekend! what a week it has been!

you know its a bad thing when your daughters doctor doesn't know what's going on with the rash under her arm and has to call in 2 other doctors- who don't know either.  New medicine in hand and we will be going back to her on Saturday if it hasn't improved (which, so far, it hasn't).  The good news is Emmie was a perfect angel in the waiting room and in the exam room!

but seriously kid, how do you look 10 years old here?! 
It's been a freezing cold week, which may be why it seemed soooo long.  It's tough getting out of the house with a million bundles- but we managed a few adventures along the way! My friend Monique was part of the LU faculty art exhibit and we went to see her amazing pieces!

We spent lots of fun time inside this week too and we made the most of it! Trying on lots of fun accessories and dancing to loud upbeat music! 

there's been some sweet snuggles (!!!)

and lots of reading this book!

and we've run some necessary errands this week too (DMV and groceries. one was much more miserable than the other- I'll let you decide!)

will you look at that smile- AND that hat?!? 

wow dirty mirror and lots of laundry to do! 

and to top off today, in the best of ways- we got some snow today!

Emmie is still not a fan ;) 

the only way she'll play with the snow! 

and then there was this... a little white onesie.  I put it on her hoping it would make her more like a baby... but I think it may have had the opposite effect.  where is my baby!?!

and last, but not least... an awesome video of Emmie 
reading one of her favorite books: peeka-who? 
(she loves when we say peeka moo and peeka boo) 
and now's she's repeating it!!


Dear Finnlee said...

So much snowy cuteness. You guys are making me so jealous. The closest thing I have to snow is the snowman on Finn's jammies. On another note, I couldn't get the video to load. It might just be my maxed out computer and the fact that I have seven Pinterest pages open? I will try again in a minute. I want to see!

miranda said...

me personally, i would prefer to go to the dmv. ;)