August 03, 2012

daddy come home!

Michael has been out of town on a business trip this week.  Can I just start out by saying- how in the world do military wives or single moms get anything done! Our week has consisted of me running around like a crazy person to get myself ready for work, Emmie ready for daycare- her cloth diapers washed, stuffed, and folded for daycare, and my pumped milk packed. Dropping her off at daycare, then rushing to work, while doing my make-up in the car.  I've been about 10 minutes late to work every single day this week.  Yikes. 

Our evenings haven't been much better- so stressful! I didn't make myself an actual meal all week, last night- Emmie and I just ate some avocados together.  We play and hang out but before I know it it's time to put her to bed.  She's very good at letting me know when it's time to go to bed.  After I change her and nurse her, she falls asleep holding on to her elephant/zebra blanket, and I get to work getting as much ready for the next morning as possible.  Enter exhaustion. 

I am so excited for Michael to be coming home this evening! I'm sure he's excited to hang out with Emmie in person instead of over a computer screen!

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Kim @ NewlyWoodwards said...

Awwww... Ryan travels a lot for work too. So far he's only gone once and I had lots of help from my mom. It's gonna be a lot different with the little guy. Glad he's home.