July 18, 2012

After the day at the beach, we headed back to the condo for a full nap for Emmie, and some reading/relaxing time for me and Michael.  I hardly ever have time to read these days, so I started the Hunger Games since everyone was telling me I would love them! (ps- they were right, I finished all of the books while we were on vacation- oops!)

We eneded our 4th of July with some dinner at a local seafood restaurant! Crabby-Oddwaters!

Our meal was amazing! Everything you could ever want- all cooked together in a bucket together! YUM!

Our amazing view at dinner!

Emmie was SO good at dinner! Practicing with her sippy cup and smiling at the other people! 

Thursday we headed back to the beach, where Emmie was a little more grumpy.  Come to find out- she was getting her first tooth! Poor thing! She still had fun emptying out the beach bag a million times, and splashing in the water!

Our condo also had a pool, which was so nice! It was just across the street from our condo, so we walked over there almost every day!

I love this shot.  So typical- Michael and Emmie playing in the pool, and me sitting on the side taking pictures ;)

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