July 16, 2012

There is nothing like the excitement of knowing your vacation is coming up- a week off from work, spending your days doing nothing, with your family. I was busy all week trying to catch up on laundry and getting things together for the wedding I was shooting that Saturday so we could head out for our vacation the next morning.  The week was stressful, but seemed worth it since we would be going on our very first family vacation! We scheduled my Mom to come up on Friday night to watch Emmie Saturday while we were shooting the wedding.  She was driving up when the storm hit.  Michael sent us to the basement due to the crazy winds and sky when the power went out.  On one of the hottest weeks of the year.

That night was stressful.  Is there a word for more than stressful- if so- that's what it was.  Trying to find all of my camera equipment that I would need for the next morning and get together Emmie's stuff.  We sent Michael out to find us a hotel room- he luckily got one of the last rooms at the Kirkley! Pretty much everyone in Lynchburg was out of power and was trying to find somewhere to go to escape the heat.  We stayed the night in the hotel while my batteries charged and we worried about the day. I ended up going to the wedding by myself because we were so worried about Emmie eating and getting overheated. 

The wedding was in Richmond, so about a 2 hour drive for me. Luckily, their reception site still had power and everything was a go.  I drove out there and met the bride while she was getting her hair done.  Everything was beautiful and went so so well! I absolutely loved the venue, the bride & the groom!

I drove back to Lynchburg that night- and got home around 12:30AM.  We ended up staying at our house that night- and really not sleeping much.  I was so worried about Emmie getting too hot- and kept taking her out to the car to cool down. 

The next morning we packed up in the heat and in the dark- worried about my clothes that were in the washing machine and I knew I was going to forget something! I always do- without the stress ;) Finally, we were on our way to the beach!

Wouldn't you know it- when we get to our hotel and I go to take pictures- my camera is broken and I can't get it to work! So we had to go to WalMart and get a cheap little point and shoot camera for the rest of the week. 

 The 4th of July! A lazy morning in our condo with breakfast and then a drive down to the nearest Walmart. 

Daddy and Emmie outside our condo

Emmie is becoming a pro at crawling! (AND getting into everything!)

No highchairs... so we made do!

 Then, we headed out to the beach.  I absoblutely LOVED Sunset beach- it never felt crowded and there were these amazing tidal pools that formed by the water- which were perfect for Emmie to crawl and splash around in!

 Emmie loved being in the water and exploring without getting knocked down by the waves! Plus the tidal pools were warmer than the water, so I loved sitting in them with her!

We even got her to take a little nap while we were out there! It was short- but good for all of us ;)

there is nothing cuter! ;)

 More to come... didn't realize this vacation post would be SO long!


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