August 28, 2012

My dear friend Audrey is having a baby any day now! She went into pre-term labor at 30 weeks, but they were luckily able to stop the contractions- but she's been on bed rest now for the past 7 weeks! Her bed rest was finally lifted, and we were able to throw her a baby shower Saturday afternoon! {look at me on the ball with posting pictures this soon after an event!}

Her nursery is grey with some great pops of bright orange and robots! It's so adorable!  We decided to go along with the theme for the shower! We worked really well together- I was better at the planning, writing it all out, decided on food and decorations, etc.  Patricia is so good at the execution and making sure we are planning enough time and actually getting things done! Monique did a great job with the games and bringing everyone together!

There was such a great group of girls there! It was so great to meet their other small group and some ladies she works with!


Most of the gang: 

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