May 24, 2012

just some fun in the sun :)

Sunday afternoon we decided to enjoy the weather a little bit and take Emmie for her first dip in the pool! Daddy loves the water and is a great swimmer, and I really think Emmie is going to love it too!

She wasn't a fan of all the sunscreen I had to slather all over her! I ended up having to stick her in her bumpo chair and distract her with toys to keep her from squirming around! 

Daddy and Emmie headed outside for her first swim!

Sticking her feet in the water....

Umm guys, this is really cold!

Yeah, she's not a fan! I even tried to add some hot water into the pool before she got in, but it was still on the chilly side!

Daddy to the rescue.  Letting baby girl get used to the colder water and splashing!

Oh, look who decided to join them...

Finally starting to enjoy the water a bit more :)

So sweet!

Towards the end and closer to her nap time, she laid back on Daddy in the water and just relaxed... well she was always kicking her feet too ;)

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