May 23, 2012

and the rest

guys, I am just SO in love with these pictures!I am having such a hard time picking which ones to print onto canvases and display in my house.  I would do them all, but I think it may be a little weird to have wallpaper on our pictures (if it wasn't- you better believe it would be done!)

Michael gifted me pictures for my birthday in April.  We had our pictures done early May, right before Emmie's 6 month birthday (really- 6 months!?!) I just love these so very much and know they are going to be so dear to me! I'm thinking this is a great yearly tradition for my Birthday!!

Emmie girl wouldn't smile for us at all on photo day! She just had this serious stare at the photographer most of the afternoon.  She really made us work for the few smiles we got from her!

This usually makes her smile big and even let out some laughs! Not today however!

I am so in love with this little one! Just so in love. 

Daddy picked some flowers and gave them to her.  They immediately went towards her mouth!

His mini-me.  They both have that same mischievous look on their faces! ;)

First time on Daddy's shoulders.  She was a huge fan!

Is this not the best thing you've ever seen! Gosh I can't wait to get this one printed!!

She loves her Daddy!

My Aunt had this sign made for us when we got married! It's normally hanging in our living room, but I decided to grab it real quick when we were running out the door.  I am so glad we did!

just look at Emmie's face here! Cutest thing ever!!

She's such a big girl now! She LOVES standing up and looking around at everything!

Adore my special family!

I may just have the best husband in the world, which means Emmie has the best Daddy.  She's one lucky little thing!

Look at those bright blue eyes!

Such a big girl now! Sitting up all on her own and she's loving it! She's already trying to pull herself up onto everything! Make it stop!!

And this picture is a great example of why I can't wear jewelry these days! It all gets pulled on and heads straight to her mouth!

I just love seeing Michael with her. He's such a great Daddy! Loves her SO much!!


Phew okay I won't make you look at any more! Any suggestions which ones we should frame in the house?

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