May 24, 2012

Weekends are pretty special in our house. Especially Saturday's.  There's just something about a Saturday morning with the hope of 2 whole days of not having to go to work. It usually starts with some breakfast (these days it's been donuts from Chesnut Hill Bakery since it's Mike's cheat day on his diet) and lazy hours where we stay in our pajamas and just hang out. 

  This past weekend played up just like that.  We slept in, snuggled and played in our bed, and then stayed in our pajamas way too late into the afternoon. Emmie and I hung out on the floor playing.  Her little smile is so contagious and always makes me smile, even if I'm having the worst of days.  Sweetest little thing in the entire world. 

I'm determined to enjoy our weekends and not let the looming Monday cloud over our Saturday and Sunday fun.  It can really be difficult, but that's part of the importance of being intentional. Living and enjoying the right now.

Because to be honest. It's tough. Really freakin difficult.  To have to go to a job that you hate everyday and still have to go. To leave your little one with someone else all day when all your heart wants is to be home with her.  

It's easy to get stuck in the saddness of it all. Really too easy. But I'm convinced to make the best of what we've been given right now.

And if that means that my house is a disaster, and we never have clean laundry, and our meals are thrown together in order to spend my time with her- then that's what's going to happen. 

Because my evenings and weekends with her are what matters.  That she knows that we love her- that's what matters!

The laundry will get done- slowly- but it will get done.  We are fed- it may not be anything fancy- but we have dinner. And the house will get cleaned.  One day.

I'm just learning to be okay with that. The house doesn't have to be perfect. This is the way more important.

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