December 13, 2011

Meeting Family

Last weekend, Mike's oldest brother Paul, his wife Sarah, and their 3 kids, Lennon, Laina and Garrett drove out to Lynchburg and met their newest cousin.  So awesome to be able to share these pictures of the first time the older kids held their niece! 

Lennon was so cute when looking at her hands and feet. He kept commenting on how little they were.

Laina was adorable with her.  She would ask to hold her all the time, but then get bored after a few minutes.  :)

After Paul and Sarah left, I caught Emmie asleep in her pack n play like this:

Which is how she stayed for the remainder of her nap.  Crazy girl!

Sadly, that is all the pictures I took of their visit to Lynchburg.  I guess that's what sleep deprivation gets you! ;) 

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