December 12, 2011

Christmas Tree Time

We love Christmas in our house.  We've been listening to Christmas music for months- and eagerly talking about how Christmas will be so special this year and years to come with our new addition! Which is why, even with a newborn in the house, I am surprised at how late we picked out our Christmas tree.  Usually, this is done before Thanksgiving, but this year, we picked it out last weekend.    

We went to the little tree stand that we've been getting our tree each year since we got married.  It's not much but a bunch of trees lined up, but we've always loved their selection.


We walk up and down each row and pick out our favorites, then we go back and forth until we both decide on the one that we like the most.

This year, even Emerson had some input, as she was wrapped tightly up in the Moby wrap against me.  She slept through the entire event, but she gave a few smiles to the trees that she liked the most.

She really loves this Moby wrap.  It's great to carry her around for many reasons- but I love the sweet girl cuddled up against me.  Plus- it keeps *most* strangers from touching her.  {Yes, there are still the few that don't catch the hint and will still try to touch her face when I'm wearing it!}

Here I am with our 2011 Christmas tree! Now just to get the time and energy to decorate the thing! ;)

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