August 03, 2011

catching up

{I have a ton of posts coming catching up from the past few weeks! This summer is flying by- I can't believe it's already August!}

I don't know what happened, but I haven't been taking my camera with me everywhere lately- so I'm not really taking pictures of anything- and really don't like to blog without at least one picture! Luckily, my dear friend Miranda has been documenting all sorts of fun activities we've been doing lately, so I'm stealing these pictures from her! I do want to continue blogging, it's a great way for me to look back on all the things that we've done- not just the big things like vacations that we will of course remember, but the everyday little things.  I know this will be especially important once Emerson comes around.  Work has been so busy, and I've just been over-committing myself- making me absolutely exhausted all the time.  I've been an awful friend, and my house is hardly ever clean- so I've cut back on a lot of activities.  Between work being so busy and demanding to taking two classes this 8 weeks, I've just got to limit the other things I'm doing right now.  I'm not so great at this- I hate saying no and hate missing out on things, but I'm also no good being constantly exhausted!

Anyways, these pictures are a few weeks old, but still a lot of fun and needing to be shared!  Miranda invited us to go out to a friends pool with her, and we eagerly accepted.  It was so much fun to sit and relax... well until Michael showed up and splashed us all!

There were so many different rafts to choose from.  We were trying to figure this one out- don't think it's made for two adults!

Michael found a speed boat float and was speeding along bumping into everyone! :) I love that he still loves to goof off and finds ways to have fun.  He's going to be the best Dad ever!

I think this was around 22 or 23 weeks. It's funny how my belly feels so big to me all day, but when I see a picture of it, I'm surprised with how small it is! My non-maternity bathing suit is still fitting... hopefully it will last me until the end of the pool days- have you seen those awful maternity suits! {ps: notice all the water on the sides of the pool around me... we have Michael to thank for this!}

Miranda didn't put real sunscreen on, and when we noticed that she was starting to burn, Michael built her this 'tent' so she could stay in the water and relax, without getting more sun exposure! Told you- best Dad ever! ;)

Then we ended our pool day by hitting up Chick-fil-a that was giving out free ice cream! Yes please!

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