August 03, 2011

24 weeks

Miranda took these pictures of me at 24 weeks.  I can't believe how quickly this pregnancy is flying by!

So far, I've been feeling pretty good.  After the 15-16 week mark, the 'morning' sickness subsided. I've gotten a little bit of energy back- I just have to make myself not do as much as I could before! This is a very difficult task for me.  I really like for things to be done exactly when I want them to be done- it's not so easy delegating and waiting for Michael to get to it!  This week I've switched over to all maternity clothes- I was still able to wear my shirts for a while, but they are all pretty much too small now.

My back is starting to feel a little strained and sore, and I am definitely having a harder time getting comfortable at night, but nothing has been too bad.  And hey, it's always a good excuse to get a back rub!

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