August 23, 2011

let us feather you...

Almost every day I'm reminded of how blessed we are.  God has placed the most amazing friendships into our lives, and it's just amazing to see them love on us, and to know how loved Emerson already is! It's been a few  weeks, but some friends from college came into town, and we just had the best time with them here.

  One of the best parts of the weekend was the surprise shower they threw me.  I wasn't feeling great that morning, so we stayed home from church, and were just relaxing on the couch when I got this little note... 

SO much fun! I had my suspicions before Beth and Christen got into town, but the girls did an amazing job of throwing me off, talking about shower dates and plans for September and October, and making plans to hit up the pool the next day. They did a great job of hiding it- especially when I would show up at their house when they were making decorations! I love these girls- it was so great to spend some time with them, celebrating Emmie! I love seeing how loved she already is by so many people.

They did such a great job with the food and decorations.  The little decorations were so adorable- they made a pinwheel wall, a banner with Emerson's name on it, cute little paper bird cages, etc.  I loved it all!
photo by Jenn :) All the cutie details!

photo by Randa :) The pinwheels and all the gifts! So fun!

The Emerson banner the girls made!

The girls made me walk in and fake a surprise face...

You can't have a good party without good food.. and this party did not disappoint! Cucumber sandwiches, cake balls {chocolate...yumm!}, cupcakes, salads, fruit, Mexican dips... all of my favorite things!

The girls even made these adorable detail flags for each cupcake!  No matter what anyone says- the details are so important and really make something special.

Opening gifts was so much fun! It just makes me so excited for our little baby girl to be here, wearing these adorable little dresses and frills! I am so very excited for the frills!

 My friend Beth, who was in town from Texas, made these adorable letters spelling out Emerson.  She found the paint that matches the bedding and added those adorable dots!

Instead of a game, we made Emmie her first alphabet book, where everyone picked some letters and out of scrapbook paper, stickers, stencils, etc. created a page to go into a little book with all of the alphabet.  This was so much fun and I love that it was something we will be able to look back on and cherish.

The love I have for these girls.  I absolutely feel so incredibly blessed by everything they put together for me and Emerson.  I love how special the day was for us, and how much these girls love our little girl so much already.  

The whole gang.  Each one of these girls is so special to me and I cherish their friendship so much!

My college girls.  These girls were all in my dorm my freshman year at Liberty.   It's amazing how God placed us together during that time- we were all coming from different places emotionally, spiritually, everything, yet our lives just clicked.  So awesome how these things happen.  Since then some have moved away, moved back, gotten married, moved thousands of miles away, but somehow, we all still connect back together.  It's always great getting back with these girls- like nothing has changed! :)

Thank you dear friends for loving me and loving our baby girl.  Thank you for creating such a special day for us! It was so perfect and I cannot wait to use the sweet smelling baby lotions, and put on the bows and skirts, and read to her the cute books.  Thank you for everything. 

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