March 14, 2011


What a fantastic weekend! The weather here in Virginia was gorgeous! I finished up my Marketing Research class {ugh, such an awful class} Friday night.  So glad it's over- and I got a B! Saturday we finally got around to cleaning up the house, washing the mountains of laundry I have been putting off, etc.

Michael's little brother, Cj and his girlfriend, Taylor, stopped by on their way back to Virginia Tech from Spring Break.  The boys grilled out {steaks, sweet potato fries, and fresh zucchini! so good!} played some games, and then watched Cj snowboard down LU's snowflex.  Quite an eventful night.

We went to brunch the next morning, it was so nice to sit outside, sip on some coffee, and eat some amazing food! CJ and Taylor left a little early to go pick up their new little puppy, Peyton.  I've only seen a few pictures of her, but she's adorable! I can't wait to do a photo shoot for them coming up soon!

Sunday afternoon, I met up with Dj and Danielle for their engagement pictures.  It seriously was a beautiful day- and the cherry trees were in bloom! Loved these pictures!

Go check out the photo website {} to see the rest!

Today, I'm totally lagging from Daylight Savings! So ready now to go home and take a nice long nap! How was your weekend? Are the cherry trees blooming in your area?

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DecorandtheDog said...

Thanks for the nice comments!!

If only there were cherry trees blooming here...