January 16, 2011


 It started snowing when we were home! They were first calling for 1-3 inches, which shuts down most things in the town.  We were so excited to have a 'white christmas!'

one of mom's cute little bird house on the deck :)

Overnight, it kept snowing and snowing and snowing! When we woke up the next morning, the back yard looked like this:

That's a lot more than  1-3 inches!! 

Awesome husband drove me around so I could get some pictures of the snow covered area! We first headed over to the bridge on Centerville- even the water was frozen!

Michael was so awesome to me, driving me around and around to different areas we thought would be cool! :D

A little bit of color! 

Love this shot. Love all this snow! My theory- if it's going to be cold- it needs to just snow! {especially if it gets us off of work! love those lazy snow days with my babes!}

Linus rode around with us for the afternoon! He was anxious to go and run around in the snow!

When then headed down to the Great Bridge Locks.  This place is beautiful already- add some snow- I'm in love!

One of my favorites from the day!

Awesome sail boat in the water!

The boys then got to run around and play in the snow! They had such a blast! :)

Sounds like most of the US is getting some snow- do you have any awesome snow day pictures or stories?

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