January 17, 2011

a progressive new years

you probably won't believe this.  i can't even believe it myself, but I didn't take any pictures of our new years eve events.  not a single one! we did have a lot of fun though! 

The day started out by us... oversleeping! Not a good start when we had to pack everything up and drive the 4 hours back home, grocery shop, cook our portion of the dinner, and then drive out to the first house. We made it, about 20 minutes late, but we still made it :) 

The progressive dinner was a lot of fun and made the night fly by! We started with appetizers {cheese ball, piggies in blankets, etc} then headed to our house for soup and salad. Then to the main course of a roast, with veggies, and then desert, which was a frozen caramel pie.  yumm. everyone did such an amazing job with the food! I can't believe we were able to make it home in time, make dinner, and appear somewhat together for this! 

it was totally worth the stress, the sprinting through the grocery store, and the shoving everything in our bedroom while we have visitors ;)

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