December 22, 2010

Getting in the Holiday Spirit: Traditions

We are so so excited for Christmas Vacation and all the traditions that go with it! :) There are quite a few things that we do as a family in order to fully get into the Christmas Spirit!

Here's an inside view to some of our fun, and slightly crazy Christmas Traditions:
Before Christmas, Michael and I always go out and pick out a real tree! We usually pick this out in November!

2008 Christmas Tree- our first  married tree! :)

Our 2009 Tree: our tree in our new home!

Our 2010 Tree! My favorite so far!

We also have to hang up our stockings somewhere in the house! We have been envying the Pottery Barn stockings for quite a while, and hopefully one day soon we will make the decision and buy them :)Until then, we use these we got from Cracker Barrel a few years back.  

2010 Stocking Hanging

Another Awesome tradition we have is dressing Latte' in her Mrs. Clause outfit.  I mean, how can you not love Christmas with something this cute? And, it may be hard to tell, but she loves this outfit.  Well, I'm just going to keep telling myself that ;)

2010 Mrs. Clause :D

2007 Mrs. Clause :D 

I've already talked about our Christmas Cards that we send out each year! I LOVE creating our Christmas Cards and picking out our favorite pictures from the previous year. I also love getting Christmas Cards in the mail! {Does anyone else notice that cards are getting fewer and fewer each year? So sad!}  Each card that comes into the mail gets hung somewhere special in our home.  This year, I decided to hang them up on the front entry way mirror.
2010 Christmas Card

(I can't seem to find our previous Christmas Cards on my computer, but I do have one at home.  I'll try to remember to get that one up)

Another favorite {i feel like i've said this for each one!} is making Christmas cookies! We love to make a bunch and then share with everyone else.  I've kinda slacked this year, and only made a few!

2010 Christmas Cookies

Michael also has a few favorite traditions.  He buys a new village house each year, and loves to set it up. 

2009 Christmas Village
I'm not a huge fan of the Christmas Village- so we compromised this year.  Instead of it being set up in the front of the house, we set it up on my long dresser.  I'm not even kidding when he gets all into it.  Fake snow and everything this year!

Another one of Michael's traditions is to buy a 'Christmas Shirt' each year.  Luckily, this isn't a Christmas Sweater, but more a plaid shirt with 'Christmasy' colors.  Here are a few from years past: 
2009 Christmas Party

2009 Christmas

2008 Christmas

How about you guys- do you have any pre-Christmas traditions that have to happen in order for you to be in the Holiday Spirit?

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Brittney @ britandtheboys said...

1. your tree is gorgeous
2. I LOVE those stockings from Cracker Barrel! Those are adorable :)
3. I run to the mailbox when I get home.. super exciting to get Christmas cards!

Thanks to Libby for introducing new blog friends!

thesloothaaks said...

Those reindeer cookies are adorable!

The Bonjour Four said...

your christmas tree is gorgeous!! love it! and I also love your christmas card.. i was lazy this year and didn't get any sent out. :( cute reindeer cookies too!