December 22, 2010

Christmas Eve Traditions

I can't believe it's already Christmas Time! For real- where did Fall go? What about December! Now I can only hope the rest of the winter goes by this quickly! {Make sure to check out our Getting in the Holiday Spirit Traditions}

Christmas Eve is always a crazy event for the Eiban and the Carter side! We are always trying to run around and find a few last minute Christmas presents and then rushing to get over to the Eiban household for their family Christmas. I'm usually wrapping presents in the back on the car as we are on our way over!

Because Michael is one of 5- and this year has eight nieces and nephews- the Eiban family exchanges their presents on Christmas Eve.  Chaotic does not even begin to explain this event!

2008 Christmas at the Eiban's

{This year, there are a few changes, and we will still do presents on Christmas Eve, but instead of having a long nice dinner, we will be having finger kiddie foods, and then going on a dinner cruise the following week!}

After the Eiban family Christmas, Michael and I head over to the Carter house.  Here, we open our one Christmas Eve present- pajamas!

2008 Christmas

2009 Christmas
We then put on our new pj's and hang out as a family, and eventually fall asleep for Christmas Day...

Christmas Day Traditions ! :D

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