December 22, 2010

Christmas Day Traditions

We love Christmas Day- all of December spent rushing around, finding presents, decorating- for this one day- but it's totally worth it! :D {If you are just reading this one- make sure to check out of Christmas Eve and Pre-Christmas Traditions!}

My brother gets so excited about Christmas Morning that my parents had to set a time limit on when he could get up and wake the rest of the family up.  I believe that it was 6:00am, but hopefully for all of our sakes, it's a little later this year! 

My Dad started wearing these ugly  red long johns on Christmas Day, and has now made that  a Christmas tradition.  Last year, unfortunately, he found new ones, and bought them for my brother and my husband! They all came downstairs dressed in these ugly one piece suits. 

2009 Christmas Morning
As you can tell, I wasn't too thrilled about this: 

2009 Christmas Morning

Now that everyone is up and somewhat dressed, we go downstairs to see what Santa brought us.  We all have to go downstairs together and see what Santa has done.  Santa fills up our stockings, and lays out our presents from him.  Usually it's smaller things, like clothes, candy, mugs, etc.  

Santa 2009

Santa 2009
After we see what Santa brought us, we all head into the kitchen and start making breakfast.  We make a huge breakfast, waffles, sausage balls, bacon, coffee, eggs, hashbrowns, etc.  It really is ridiculous.  But the rule is, everything has to be cleared off my Dad's plate in order for us to open presents.  Of course, Dad always draws this out as much as he possibly can just to drive us all crazy. 

2008 Christmas Breakfast

Making Breakfast 2009
After breakfast is done, we go and open presents from each other.  We open presents in order, one at a time.  So it rotates, Dad, Mom, Justin, Ashley and Michael, until we are all finished.  We love this time, opening presents by the fire, and seeing what everyone got each other.  

Carter Family Tree 2009
Once we have finished opening all the presents under the tree- we know there's still one present left for each of us.  My Dad always hides our big present somewhere in the house, and makes us do chores until one of us finds it.  One year, he made Justin collect all of the dirty clothes in the house, of course causing Justin to be mad and complain about it being Christmas- only to find the presents sitting in the dryer.  Each year the gifts are hidden a little better, and we run around the house {inside and out} until we find them.  

After this, we usually get showered and dressed, and go to the huge Eiban Family reunion. It's awesome to see everyone, Michael's family pretty much all lives in the Chesapeake/Virginia Beach area and all comes together! 
Me, Michael, Amber, Mr. Eiban, and Mrs. Eiban Christmas 2009

How do you and your family do Christmas Day? Does anyone in your family have anything as embarrassing as red long john pj's for all the boys?

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Brittney @ britandtheboys said...

Love the Pajamas :) HILARIOUS!

Jami Nato said...

those pajamas are disgustingly hilarious.

The Bonjour Four said...

HAHA those pajamas are awesome! lol that is so stinkin funny. And your dad is hilarious. Those things sound like something my dad would do! haha love it! thanks for linking up. I loved reading your traditions! Merry Christmas!