October 26, 2010

What an awesome weekend.  For as long as I can remember, each fall, my family has gone out to Carter's Mountain Apple Orchard to pick some apples, drink some cider, and take tons of pictures. Husband and I now try to get out there each year, even if my parents can't make it.  This year, we brought his brother {Cj} and his girlfriend {Taylor} with us.   

 Look how beautiful this place is:

Recently, they've paired with Prince Michael Vineyards.  They grow a lot of the grapes on the mountain.  It was so relaxing to drink a glass and overlook the mountain. 

Oh, and these doughnuts.  Can you say amazing.  I love these things.  

Picking apples were so much fun! 

We may have tested a few to see which ones we liked best...

Cj and Taylor.  So cute. 

This year, they added frozen apple cider.  Soooooo good.  

All of us! Love it. 

Husband and me.  

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