September 03, 2010

last few days

I cannot believe how quickly summer has gone.  Now, when you work, you don't really get to enjoy 'summers' like before.  How much we took for granted have those precious warm months off of school. There is still something about summers that makes everyone more social, makes people want to be outside, and doing things.  In the winter, all I want to do is hide under the blankets until it's warm again.  I'm enjoying my last few days of flip flops and tank tops.

I'm so excited we have a long weekend.  I've been sick all week, and have felt behind the entire time.  We are hoping to be able to work on the fence this weekend, and maybe hanging some more of the cabinets, once we get them cut down to the right size.  Such a pain!

Have an amazing extended weekend! Do something to enjoy the weather! :)

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