September 22, 2010

Cabin: Day Two

Saturday morning, we woke up, and it was raining.  Michael loved this, it gave him an excuse to watch football and be lazy all day! Even on this rainy day, the lake was still beautiful!

It was a little chilly, so I was able to start up a fire and watch HGTV while Mike watched college football in the other room.  Made me really wish our house had a fireplace!

Once the rain went  away, it turned into a beautiful afternoon! We took the dogs down to a public beach that was about a twenty minute drive due to the mountain roads. 

While Michael and Linus played in the water, I went around and took pictures! My kind of day!

This beautiful butterfly kept flying around me, but would not land! As soon as it did, I snapped some pictures!

Most of the beach was a mix of sand and rocks, but some of it was just rocks. 

I loved the shoreline, and the sun over the water today! 

Linus was worn out by the time we were done! He loves chasing things into the water! 

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