September 22, 2010

Autumn, the years last, lovliest, smile

Today is the first day of Fall! I've already pulled my decorations out, had about 15 Pumpkin Spice Lattes', and enjoyed some wonderful Fall mornings. 

There have been a few amazing cooler feeling days, and this past weekend I bought some beautiful maroon mums! 

It's no surprise that Fall is my favorite season, but it always makes me dread the cold, cold winter that follows. I would love about a month of snow and heavy, bulky, comfortable sweaters, and then it can turn into nice weather again.  Anyone know where I can move and find this perfectness?

Also, a year ago today, I met with our Realtor and started looking at houses in Lynchburg.  I can't believe we started this process a year ago! We looked at A LOT of houses in the area, and it was really discouraging.  I remember feeling so overwhelmed at the process, going into a teeny tiny house, wondering how we were going to be able to fix all of it's problems.  I am SO thankful for the house that we ended up with- it's been such an amazing home for us- the perfect start!

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