August 06, 2010


     So, I still haven't loaded up any pictures of our recent adventures.  Maybe tonight since Michael is working 12-9 again.  We are both so thankful for our jobs, but the weeks that Michael has to work from 12pm to 9pm, while I work 8am to 5pm, is exhausting for both of us.  It's such a depressing schedule! I feel like I never get any quality time with Michael and during the day I find myself craving it.  I still think it is totally awesome that we've been married for two years and I still feel myself wanting and needing to spend more time with him.  People are right, each year you look back and think, 'and we thought we were in love then!' 

     We 'celebrated' our two year anniversary the week that Michael's Dad had his heart surgery, so unfortunately, we didn't get to do much.  We were in the hospital for most of that morning/afternoon and spent the evening with family.  Michael did take me to my favorite little restaurant in Chesapeake- called Court House Cafe'.  It's amazing- seafood! yummm.  We really can't get anything close to good seafood in Lynchburg.  Spending those 9 days in the Hampton Roads area showed both of us how much we miss that area.  We know that we are in the right place right now- we both have jobs, and are getting the rest of my school for free- and Michael is working on his Masters (I know, this is a surprise to some of you guys- I'll write more on this later!) We LOVE our little house, but we also know our goal is to move back to the Chesapeake or Virginia Beach area.  Everything we do to work on the house, we love, but we are also keeping in mind what is going to help it sell faster.  Oh, and is it bad that I've been wanting to re-paint some of the rooms! Don't worry- everyone who helped me paint the first time, the walls are going to be staying the same colors- for now.  We have a kitchen remodel to work on first.  

     Speaking of kitchen remodels, I am really lacking motivation to get started. I've painted the base of the cabinets black so far- the cabinet doors are STILL sitting in the basement.  I know I should just take a few of the doors at a time, and paint them while I'm watching tv or something.  There is something about summer that makes me feel like doing nothing.  I would rather be outside enjoying the weather, at a pool, or even better-the beach than sitting inside doing even MORE painting.  I keep thinking about the Winter weather and DREADING it.  I love flip flops, and summer dresses. The sad thing is- Michael loves winter weather.  He's such my little weather nerd- it's adorable.  He loves all types of weather- storms, hurricanes, snow, etc.  Anytime a storm is coming, he gets all excited and keeps going outside checking it all out.  It's super handy to be ale to call him to figure out when it's going to rain! 

     This is turning out to be quite the sporadic post :) I'm just going to go with it!   I have a few posts to update now, all these pictures are still on my camera! Last weekend me and my good friend Miranda, went up to D.C. again for the Brook's and Dunn farewell concert.  Can I just say- AMAZING.  It was so much fun, and I loved that everyone in the crowd knew all of their songs.  Gary Allen opened for them, along with an adorable couple.   (I can't remember their name-- but will find out for my full post!)

     I feel like we've done nothing but travel over our weekends, and I am looking forward to some more laid back weekends.  Maybe, just maybe, I'll get motivated to begin some more kitchen projects.  I would love to do a 'mood board' on the kitchen for inspiration, but have no idea how to put one of those together- any blogging experts out there know how to do this?

     So, there you have it, our life lately.  I promise I am going to do better about updating everyone and not just every once in a while.  I really enjoying blogging, and just need to make sure that I am doing it for me :) Love you all! Enjoy your day- it's FRIDAY! :D

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