August 06, 2010

Keeping up

So, it's probably obvious by now that I love pictures.  I love taking pictures, looking at pictures, and documenting all of our activities.  Michael always jokes that I am going to make the dogs and him go blind from all the pictures I take of them. Here's the problem.  I take all of these pictures, and post them on my Facebook, file them away on my computer- and that's it.  I know Facebook isn't going to be around forever, and it surely isn't a good way to see all the fun pictures we have taken over the years, so I have started creating electronic scrapbooks for each year.  I'm working right now on our 1st year of marriage book, including some pictures from our wedding, honeymoon, Christmas, snow days, our 1st house that we rented, plus some other fun stuff.  I used to love to scrapbook, but it takes forever- and is super costly.  This electronic scrapbook is still time consuming, but not nearly as much.  I'm not having to purchase a bunch of scrap-booking 'junk' like scissors, tape, glue, stickers, papers, ribbon, pens, I could go on and on- I know you've been into a scrap-booking store! :) 

The site I'm creating my year one book with now gives you all of those options- you can select your pictures, your layout, your design, your background, quotes, plus stickers, and other designs.  It's amazing.  I like working on mine while I'm on the phone with a parent that goes on and on about how smart their child is.  Oh the joys of a phone job!! haha.  

I'm thinking this will be a great way to keep up with our pictures and our activities, along with the pictures I post on facebook, and this blog! I'll let you know how it looks once I finalize my format and send it in to get printed. 

Plus, I'm curious- what do you guys do to keep track of your pictures? Do you have a huge Tupperware container with all of your life's pictures in there (ahem, mom!) or are they are neatly in photo-books?

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