July 21, 2010

4th with the Family

We were also able to squeeze in some family time for the 4th of July.  We went out to the pool for a cookout and swimming- and of course craziness always exsits when this family gets together!

Me and sweet Eden.  Amber always dresses her adorably and of course, she always has a 'party on her head' :)

Eden with her Pop-pop
adorable picture taken by Amber

Eden with her Mam-maw
Adorable picture taken by Amber

Amber was getting Garrett to smile! Such beautiful eyes!

It was so cute to see these 3 playing with each other!
Picture taken by Amber

Michael is such a great Uncle and always had at least one niece or nephew on him in the pool or jumping in the pool at him! Here's Michael with Eden and Laina! 

And my favorite picture from the day- another one that Amber took, and yes, another picture of me and sweet Eden! I just can't help myself- a baby that doesn't cry when I hold it! 

We were also able to see my family for a little bit when they got back from Arkansas! 

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