May 20, 2010

Garden Diaries- Chapter 2: Planting!

We finished this a few weeks ago, but for some reason I have been unmotivated to update the blog.  After digging and pulling all the rocks and weeds out of the garden, we mixed the garden with some top soil, and ummmmm, other good things for the garden. 

We hit the jackpot at home depot, getting everything buy one get one free, and bought the following: 

-Tomatoes (a few different varieties!) 





-1 jalapeno pepper



We planted everything, and made sure to water it on those hot hot days.  

It has since blossomed! Our zucchini is taking over a row of the okra, we will be working this weekend on providing posts for the squash, zucchini, and the cucumbers to grow up instead of spreading out.  I'll try to take some updated pictures today to show you guys the difference! I am so excited to get our first veggies!

Did you plant anything? How is your garden doing?

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