May 19, 2010

All things loved: April

Well, it's been a few months since I posted some of my favorite things for the month, but it's always a lot of fun to collect everything I love for the month! 

My Favorite Things: Month of April
My Birthday! Of course, I love being able to use the excuse that I get to pick the restaurant we go to, the movies we watch, or anything we do.  I try to drag this out for as long as I possibly can.  Michael seems to catch on after the first week and then just tells me no.  This birthday the weather was so beautiful and we were able to eat outside in the shade! Love it!

Speaking of the wonderful weather, I LOVE spring/summer outfits! The simplicity of a pretty tank or tee! I love these ones from j.crew.  They are perfect with some dress pants and heels for work, with a pair of shorts, or just with a pair of jeans! (This also shows me that I need to get some more color picked out!)

My new camera! I have been wanting this camera for SO long! I've had a blast playing around with it and can't wait to learn more about all the different settings, etc! 

Yard Sales! I've found some great deals this year so far, and love that my co-worker and friend can encourage me to get my lazy butt out of bed to go searching! Last weekend I found 2 different sets of curtains- one for the guest room and one for the office! I've also found 2 chairs for my back yard deck too! Love it!

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