March 02, 2010

Understanding my frustrations with Samsung

If you bought a brand new washing machine, and it was installed, when would you expect it to work/ be usable?

Right away would be my answer. Right? Or is that just me? 

Apparently, it is just me.  

Samsung seems to think that if they install a brand new washing machine and it doesn't work immediately when they install it, it's okay for us to have to wait 6 months for it to get "repaired."  I'm sorry, but I bought it BRAND new. and it NEVER worked.  

I just don't understand why they think it is okay for them to treat customers like that.  I've called them, I've called the repair company, I've tried it all.  

Still. Just. Waiting.  and waiting.   

Any suggestions?

 I've called day after day, each time just getting put on hold and no one can give me any answers.  I keep trying to speak with managers, but they just tell me that they are busy and will have to call back.  I'm still waiting on that call back Samsung! The last manager I talked to was SO rude to me.  I've been working in the call center environment for over a year now, and I know it is NEVER okay to speak with a customer in that way. 

So far, I've submitted a request to the Better Business Bureau, Lowes, @samsungtweets, @samsungservice, consumer reports, my personal facebook, Samsungs facebook, Home Depot, etc.  I will continue to cause a scene until something gets done.  We are in the market for a new fridge, stove, microwave, and dishwasher, but we will never even consider buying a Samsung again. 

Why is it now acceptable for stores to not have customer service anymore?!?

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