March 03, 2010

My Daily Goals

-Make bed
-Spray Shower with daily shower spray
-Do dishes
-At least 1 load of laundry
-Sweep Living Room

Monday: Kitchen
-Clean out Fridge
*Collect all trash around house and take trash can to the street

Tuesday: Dining and Living Rooms
-Dust all surfaces
-Vacuumm Couches

Wednesday: Bathrooms

Thursdays: Bedroom
-Change Sheets
-Dust surfaces
-Sweep/Mop Floors

I have Michael clean up the office a day that's best for him since that is his "closet" space as well and where he pays bills.  

This system works well for me to keep the house clean throughout the week instead of me having to dedicate an entire day on the weekend.  Of course, things come up and sometimes I miss a day, but I will just make that up sometime during the week/on the weekend. 

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