December 02, 2009

Moving on Up

As I mentioned in yesterday's short post, we had our moving day this past weekend! Here are some pictures of us moving things in, and the installation of our new fan in the master bedroom! We also updated the hallway light, and the kitchen light, I will get pictures for you shortly! Now on to those pictures (thanks to Momma Carter, aka paparazzi)

My Dad carrying in the mattress! Also notice, I hung my adorable fall wreath I made on the door just to make the house look somewhat put together! I love it and don't want to take it down, but I am going to create on for Christmas! Details on those steps coming soon!

CJ came to help (thanks again CJ!!!) Here the boys are
moving in furniture in the master bedroom!

Yet another headache! This ceiling fan took all 3 guys to install. They got it all hoooked up and the fan worked, but the lights refused. They had to take the entire thing down, return it to Lowes, and then install a new one. Good news, the new one looks awesome, and it works!

Admiring the new light and fan! The added light in the room helped a lot!!

Meet Linus. He loves to oversee everything. Well, he actually just wants to be where the action is. He loves to lay down right where everyone needs to walk!

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