December 02, 2009

All moved in... well not so much, almost!! =)

Our work in progress so far :) With some of our furniture moved in. We have a lot of work to do, but as Michael reminded me, we are not trying to flip this house in 2 weeks!

Our Christmas Present from both set of parents! I have lived without a washer and dryer for over a year and a half! Even though it is in our basement, I am SO thankful for it!

Thanks again Mom and Dad =)

Our living room with our couches in! We have since scraped the windows. Looks so much better!

My Mom and Latte' snuggling on the couch after many long days of painting, packing, cleaning, moving and unpacking.

A picture of me standing in the hallway. The dining room (behind me) is going to be our next project!

Another shot of the living room! Again, the windows look SO much better, and some furniture has been rearranged.

The puppies looking out the front door. they love their new house and yard! Latte' wants to go outside every chance she gets.

My homemade Fall wreath on the front door!

Looking down the hallway towards all our stuff in the living room.

Guest Room! I got this tan color lightened, and am SO happy that I did. I love the colors, and the white furniture in here! Hopefully our guests will be happy in here too!

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